• We are your
    Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacy
    We can serve you better, because we take the time to get to know you.
  • We have everything you need.
    Total health and well being
    Red Bank Family Pharmacy has everything you need from your local drug store.
  • conveniently located at the corner of
    Broad St and Harding Rd
    Plenty of free parking behind our store. Drive down Clayton street to access our parking lot.

Our Pharmacy Provides

Free Parking

There is plenty of free parking behind our store. Easy access from parking lot to our back door entrance.

Fast Prescription fill

In most cases we can fill your prescription within 15 minuts. Even faster if we are not busy.

Free Delivery

We can deliver your prescription for free. While delivering a prescription we can also deliver other store items.

Full prescription consultation

We provide full consultation about your medications. Our pharmacists are here to help you, and address your questions and concerns.

Flu vaccine immunizations

During the next flu season we plan on providing flu vaccine immunization shots on site. Check back next late fall for more details.

Over the Counter Drugs

We have asprin, non-asprin analgesics, diet control, upset stomach control, cold and flu medicine, sleeping aids, and muscle pain relief.

Hygiene and Grooming aids

We have all the toiletries you may need, Toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo, shaving supplies, everything for the bathroom.

Popular Vitamins

We have a wide selection of individual and multi vitamins. We carry popular brands, such as Centrum, One A Day and others.

Gifts and Greeting Cards

We carry the complete line of Hallmark greeting cards. There are many gift ideas from which you can choose. We can also giftwrap your purchases.